Tree Removal Costs

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If you are planning to remove a tree from your property in Syracuse, New York, you should expect a tree removal cost between $200 and $2000. Since most people own medium-sized trees in Syracuse, the cost of removing a tree generally sits between $400 and $1,200. A typical medium-sized tree featuring medium risks has a tree removal cost of about $750. 

The cost of removing a tree is affected by a wide range of factors. Things like accessibility, tree size, and tree stability can make the tree removal process much easier or more complicated. This, in turn, pushes the tree removal cost up or down. In the following section, we will take you through the main factors that affect the tree removal cost. 

Tree Removal Cost Factors in Syracuse, New York 

1. Tree Size 

Two size factors play a key role in the cost of removing a tree – the trunk diameter and the height of a tree. However, for most of the trees in Syracuse, the trunk diameter increases with tree height – for this reason, professionals base their costs on tree height. 

For every foot of tree height, tree removal experts charge $8 to $15. This shows why a 100-foot tree will need an average of $800 to $1500 to remove while a 30-foot tree can be removed with $240 to $450. 

It is easy to understand where the higher cost of removing large trees comes from. As the height of a tree increases, the area under risk and the weight of the tree increase. The tallest trees generally need more effort and advanced tools to bring down with harming the nearby utilities. 

Small Tree Removal Cost 

Small trees reach maturity at a height below 30 feet. Their trunk diameter is generally smaller than 15 inches. The fact that these trees are light and bringing them down takes 1 to 2 hours makes small trees extremely affordable to remove – professionals will charge you $150 to $400. 

Medium Tree Removal Cost 

Trees in the medium category have a height of 30 to 60 feet. Their trunk diameters range from 15 to 19 inches. To remove medium-sized trees, professionals generally need 4 to 8 hours. For the entire procedure, you will be charged $450 to $750. 

Large Tree Removal Cost 

These trees have a height between 60 and 100 feet. Their trunk diameters range from 20 to 24 inches. Depending on how experienced the tree removal team is and how advanced their tree removal tools are, large tree removal can take one or multiple days. Professionals charge $900 to $1,200 to remove large trees. 

Very Large Tree Removal Cost 

These trees are taller than 100 feet. They include trees like white pine, sequoia, and eucalyptus which can grow taller than 150 feet. To remove very large trees, professionals charge $1,300 to $2,000+. 

2. Crane-Assisted Removal 

If you have a large tree standing in a risky position, the regular tree removal gear may not be very effective. The tree removal experts may need a crane to stabilize the tree and to bring it down safely. 

In Syracuse, property owners are tasked with renting cranes whenever they are needed. You can rent a crane for $200 to $600 per day. You may also need to hire a professional crane operator at $50 to $100 per day. 

If a tree would cost you $2000 to bring down without a crane, the need for a crane may increase the tree removal cost to between $2,250 and $2700. 

3. Tree Species

Different tree species will have varying heights, trunk diameters, and even wood hardiness. Tall and hardwood tree species will always have a higher tree removal cost compared to small and softwood trees. 

Oak Tree Removal Cost 

Oaks feature a height between 30 and 100 feet. If your oak tree is 30 to 60 feet tall, its removal cost will sit between $200 and $800. However, if your oak is 60 to 100 feet tall, the tree removal cost may increase to between $800 and $1500. 

Sycamore Tree Removal Cost 

Sycamore trees reach maturity at a height between 30 and 60 feet. To remove your sycamore tree, you will spend $600 to $900. 

Pine Tree Removal Cost 

Pine trees reach maturity at a height between 80 and 150 feet. The tree removal cost for pine trees increases with their height, starting at $200 and maxing out at about $2000. 

Eucalyptus Tree Removal Cost 

Eucalyptus trees tend to be exceptionally big, generally reaching over 164 feet tall with a trunk diameter of up to 79 inches. Also, eucalyptus trees are hardwoods. These reasons make the tree extremely hard to bring down. Professionals will charge you $1,200 to over $3000 to remove your eucalyptus tree. 

Conifer Tree Removal Cost 

While conifers are large trees with an average height of 100 feet, the trees are generally easy to bring down. This makes them more affordable to remove compared to trees of similar height. Tree service providers generally charge $800 to $1,100. 

Maple Tree Removal Cost 

Maple trees reach maturity at a height above 100 feet. Maple trees are harder to remove – this puts their tree removal cost between $1000 and $1700. 

4. Tree Conditions 

Some tree conditions tend to affect the tree removal process. Depending on whether the conditions make the process easier or harder, the conditions may increase or reduce the tree removal cost. Below, we have outlined the most common conditions that affect tree removal: 

Weak Branches 

Weak branches can detach from the tree and fall on the tree removal experts. To eliminate the possibility of injuries and property damage, the professionals may decide to prune the tree before initiating its removal – since tree pruning is an extra service, it may drive the tree removal cost up. 

Cavities and Decays 

These are signs that a tree has significant stability problems. Since unstable trees are difficult to control during the removal process, professionals may decide to stabilize the tree first. This may increase the tree removal cost. 

Significant Lean 

If there is nothing important below the leaning tree, the lean may not affect the tree removal cost. However, if the tree is leaning over your house or another important structure, the cost may increase as a lot of work will have to be done to avoid dropping the tree on the utility under it. 

Fallen Tree Removal Cost 

If a tree has fallen on open ground, most of the work needed during tree removal is already complete – for this reason, the tree removal cost may reduce to between $75 and $150. If the tree is lying on important utilities, more finesse may be needed to remove it without harming these utilities – this may increase the fall tree removal cost. 

Dead Tree Removal Cost 

Dead trees are generally lighter than live trees. This makes them cheaper to remove, with professionals charging $75 to $400. 

5. Accessibility 

Trees standing on open ground are extremely easy to remove. All the professionals have to do is saw through the tree trunk and then let the tree fall freely. When a tree is standing next to a building or another important structure, a lot of work will be needed to control its falling path – this can increase the tree removal cost. 

6. Additional Cost 

The tree removal process often attracts additional fees. Some of the additional costs you may need to take care of include: 

Tree Chipping 

This procedure involves cutting the tree trunk into smaller portable pieces. Tree chipping comes in handy for when you need to carry the tree to the dumpsite. Tree chipping costs $50 to $100. 

Wood Splitting 

If you do use firewood in your home, wood splitting may help you convert the tree into firewood. This procedure will set you back $50 to $100. 

Inconvenience Cost

In most cases, the inconvenience cost applies to property owners who ask for emergency tree removal services. A 10% additional charge is generally applied to take care of all the inconveniences the tree service providers may need to deal with to handle unexpected tree removal projects. 

Stump Removal Cost 

If you need the professionals to remove one stump after bringing down your tree, they may charge you $100 to $150. However, if you have a large area that is covered with tree stumps, the following stump removal costs may be applicable: 

  • Per stump cost – The first tree stump will cost $150 to remove. Each of the remaining tree stumps may cost $50. 
  • Per hour cost – You will spend $150 on each hour the professionals spend handling the stump removal project. 
  • Per diameter inch cost – Each diameter inch will cost $2 to $3. Most professionals, however, do charge a minimum cost of $100. 

Licenses and Permits

Permits and licenses are often required ahead of tree removal. You may need to pay $60 to $150 for the documents. 

Cleanup Costs 

You probably do not want the tree pruners to leave the waste generated by the tree removal project on your landscape. The professionals may charge you $25 to $150 to clean your home and take the waste to the dumpsite.  

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